Business English

Need to accelerate your presentation skills? Or maybe a short review on how to verbally make an impact in your workplace? Our Business English course contains all the tools you will need to make it in you professional life.


Business English

Recommended for Upper Intermediate students and above. (Students with lower English profiency level may request for the course but shall be subject to prior approval from the assigned Language Coach)

Best For


Advanced learners; People in Finance, Politics, Law and Trade

Course Objectives and Structure

This course is designed for upper intermediate English learners. It aims to improve the use of English in professional settings. The focus is on vocabulary and phrases used in the global business environment, with emphasis on building confidence through improved comprehension, accurate pronunciaton, and verbal English fluency.

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Learn with our Personal Approach

Our one-to-one Business English classes are designed a hundred percent around the student and his language needs. We understand that each person has individualized strenghts and points of improvement; and thus, we plot lesson plans according to these as well as personal goals in taking the course.

Gain Confidence

Not only do students learn valuable communication skills, but also develop the confidence needed to impress, compete, and succeed in today's fast-paced business world. Knowing the proper Business English verbal etiquette eases concerns on communication and helps learners focus on the work-at-hand.

Succeed in the Workplace

English is the global language of business, trade, politics, and international law. The course is recommended especially for English learners looking to improve their chances of landing a job requiring English communication skills as well as for learners already in their chosen field with English proficiency as a requirement.

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