Children English

In learning English, it is important to have a solid foundation to ensure effective progression. Our Children English course is designed to improve your child's language learning and develop their skills at communicating in English. It is informative, fun, and engaging - suited for kids who love learning as much as we love teaching.


Children English

No minimum requirements. Applicable to all levels of learners aged 4 to 10.

Best For


Children: Beginner to Intermediate

Course Objectives and Structure

The basic English lessons at ISpeakBetter provide the most important points for beginning level English learners. We integrate phonics, storytelling, songs, grammar, vocabulary, and a selection of topic-based activities into our language lessons. Children are incredibly adapted to learning languages and pick up new words, phrases and basic grammar structures easily. We make learning English easy and fun because we believe that when English students enjoy themselves, they learn a lot more and faster.

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Build Proper English Comprehension

Learners are introduced to stories, activities, and discussions that develop their comprehension of the English language. Being able to understand what is being communicated to them is the first step to being able to communicate effectively as well.

Develop the Correct Sounding and Pronunciation

Learners are taught of basic English concepts to set a good foundation in the learning process prior to moving forward in more advanced courses as they get older. Language Coaches are dedicated to practice each learner's speaking skill, especially proper word placement, sound differentiation, and pronunciation through regular feedback and correction.

Learn English through Short Stories

We believe that short stories are a creative way for young learners to develop their comprehension of the English language, consume new vocabulary words, adapt proper grammar concepts, and learn proper pronunciation.

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