Conversational English

Our flagship curriculum, Conversational English, are for those who aim for better verbal English skills overall through the ISpeakBetter close coaching method.

Minimum Requirements

Conversational English

No minimum requirements. Applicable to all levels of learners; Recommended minimum age of 10 years old.

Best For


Children and adults; intermediate to advanced learners.

Course Objectives and Structure

The main focus of this course is the students' ability to express themselves in everyday situations. Conversational English learners work on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar to further develop their conversational skills. They also receive individualized feedback on grammar and pronunciation errors.

Each lesson is arranged in so that basic English comments are briefly discussed by the language coach and immediately practiced by meaningful practice conversations with students. Exercises are designed to encourage the students to engage in the lessons.

Get the Best Education from us

Boost your Confidence

Most people know and understand English, but speaking English with proficiency is a different matter altogether. Learning the proper English concepts and practicing them with a native English speakers is a sure way to increase your confidence and encourage you to speak the language everyday. Our wide range of lessons topics are designed to make sure that you survive English conversations in every situation possible.

Ease your Daily Routine

Understanding street signs, giving directions, ordering a meal, writing a thank you note. These simple daily activities may pose as a challenge to those without a good understanding of the English language. Our Conversational English course aims for you to develop a good grasp of commonly-used signs and jargons, from basic vocabulary to more advanced English phrases, so that you can carry on with your daily activities with ease.

Excel in School and at Work

Most educational institutions and professional practices employ the English language in both written and verbal requirements. Being able to write and speak English properly gives one a big advantage whether in school or at work.

Enroll in our Conversational English course now and speak English with confidence anytime, anywhere