Courses provided


General Conversational English

  • For children and adults who want to learn and improve on English speaking foundations
  • Open to all levels of learners, categorized according to English level
  • Hands-on coaching method
  • Learn at your own pace!

Business English

  • For working professionals
  • Recommended for upper intermediate English learners
  • Focus on vocabulary and phrases used in a global work setting
  • For building improved comprehension, accurate pronunciation and verbal English fluency

Children English

  • Starter English for young learners
  • Open to all levels of learners aged 4-10; no minimum requirements necessary
  • Easy and fun teaching method integrated with phonics, storytelling, songs, and activities
  • For learning fundamental grammar and vocabulary


  • English proficiency examination preparation
  • Recommended for intermediate and advanced learners
  • Learn practical strategy and techniques for TOEFL
  • Materials: sample questions, mock exams and other test information


  • IELTS General Training and Academic Exam Preparation
  • Recommended for intermediate and advanced learners
  • Step-by-step training to gain knowledge and skills for IELTS
  • Train your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for holistic English proficiency

Cultural Exchange

  • Suitable for Cultural Exchange students
  • Recommended for beginner and intermediate levels
  • Mostly focus on daily listening and speaking skills