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I. ISpeakBetter Classes

About ISpeakBetter Classes
ISpeakBetter is a one-on-one, live English lesson platform catering to students of different levels worldwide. We follow the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) in assigning English proficiency levels to students.

We offer five (5) standard classes: (1) General Conversation; (2) Business English; (3) Children English; (4) IELTs and (5) TOEFL. Corporate or bulk accounts may request for a specialized curriculum but will be billed separately on top of their class fees. For more info, click here:

Class Lessons
ISpeakBetter produces its own curriculum separated by lessons. Courses have different numbers of lessons. Ideally, each lesson is discussed and finished in a 30-minute class. However, we understand that each student has a unique way of learning; and so, our language coaches adapt to the pacing of the student.